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Good people all over Japan and all over the world will gather together to make the world a peaceful and comfortable place to live without anxiety. The direction of activities is divided into soft and hard. I hope that the software will improve people's awareness, and the hardware will be systems, technology, and regional revitalization, and everyone involved will be excited and grow with a positive mindset. I sincerely hope that Japan will regain its confidence and become a country that contributes to world peace.
Companies, NPOs, experts, and politicians who agree with this goal will start creating cheering groups for hard-working local communities and young people.

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Help You Can Do It

The activities of the NPO Mirai Corporation are supported by donations from everyone. We would like to ask for your support in order to prepare for emergencies that may occur at any time during normal times, and for prompt support activities to save lives in the event of an emergency.

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