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About Mirai Corporation

Make the world smile.

The Mirai Corporation is a general incorporated association originating in Japan that supports people who are exposed to humanitarian crises and livelihood crises caused by human factors such as natural disasters and conflicts both in Japan and overseas. We have been active in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and are currently working on humanitarian aid in the Ukraine crisis. Year by year, anxiety and sorrow are increasing in the region where we live and in the world, and the flow does not seem to stop. Individuals, families, communities, and nations are facing various challenges, and we are unable to come up with clear and concrete solutions to them.


​problem solving

Mirai Business Group wanted to stop the negative flow of society and turn it into a positive, one-stop problem solving, and to create a think tank for development. A think tank's clear and final goal is to create an era of hope. We have prepared a powerful scenario to achieve that ultimate goal. Based on the execution of the scenario, we would like to promote various positive-oriented activities, businesses, and regional development together with everyone.

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