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Activities related to support for Ukrainian refugees

Activities related to support for Ukrainian refugees

Of course, our organization has no experience in supporting refugees, including Ukraine. Therefore, there is no system for acceptance, including specialized knowledge and funding. Many difficulties in implementation were expected and were. Every step of the way, such as communication with overseas countries and the immigration of refugees, was completely opened up by volunteers.

However, one major category of activities is "disaster relief activities." We positioned this situation as an emergency response similar to the Great East Japan Earthquake and started activities. In the process, I was able to meet many encounters along with many difficulties and gain valuable experience.

Центри підтримки для переміщених осіб

Refugee Support Center

Допомога з працевлаштуванням, навчанням тощо.

  We will help you find a job or go to school.



From March 2022

Started activities as part of disaster relief activities
【Activity content】

  1. Petition activity (visited the Ukrainian Embassy on March 2nd)

  2. Parade participation (Shibuya)

  3. fundraiser

  4. Holding a symposium, etc.


​From January 2023

Fact-finding survey of Ukrainian refugees, etc. Survey research project and establishment of a support center
【Activity content】

  1. Questionnaire about evacuation
    ・Ukrainian refugees

  2. Support for displaced persons through the establishment of a support center andSurvey of support needs

  3. Based on the above, we plan to make proposals to the government and administrative bodies.

・Support center chatbot

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