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continuous donation

for stable support activities
continuous donation


Mirai Jigyodan donates a fixed amount of money every month in order to continue its activities stably.

We are looking for Mirai Supporters.

Your continued donation will support our support activities.

1,200 yen/month

(40 yen per day)

5,000 yen/month

(160 yen per day)

3,000 yen/month

(100 yen per day)

1,200 yen/month

(330 yen per day)

  1. If you wish to make a bank withdrawal, please contact us here.

  2. Continuing donation receipts will be sent in January of each year for the previous year.

  3. Donations to PWJ by certified NPO corporations are eligible for donation deductions.

We will use your donation carefully.

Your donation will be used carefully for people in need around the world.

From the total amount of donations, only ○% will be used as project expenses, and ○% will be

We use it for administrative expenses.



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